Anna Juch

Anna Juch  


Executive Summary

Anna Juch is a senior paralegal in the Corporate Commercial Group of our Vancouver office. Anna’s work focuses on mergers & acquisitions, corporate and tax reorganizations, and general corporate matters. She assists the Firm’s lawyers and clients with commercial, corporate and tax transactions including amalgamations, asset purchases, share purchases, corporate and tax reorganizations, and financing. These responsibilities, in conjunction with the legal work, allow for the closing of transactions; incorporation and organization of corporations; due diligence review of corporations; extra-provincial registrations of entities in all Canadian provinces and territories, including annual maintenance of such registrations; partnerships and trusts (registration and annual maintenance); and incorporation, organization and annual maintenance of charitable and non-profit organizations (federal and provincial). Anna’s scope of knowledge includes federal and British Columbia legislations relating to companies, societies, partnerships and other entities.

Anna also provides various administrative services to the Corporate Commercial and Securities Group and to the Firm in general, including delivering materials and training sessions for lawyers, students, paralegals and staff; updating, revising and developing precedents; maintaining corporate software program (ALF), and ongoing training; developing policies, procedures and precedents for audits, and ongoing training; and serving as a resource person for staff, lawyers, students and other paralegals.

Publications & Presentations

  • Co-Author, Company Law Deskbook, The Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia (CLE BC), May 2006.
  • Course Coordinator and/or Lecturer and/or Co-Author, materials for many CLE BC courses, including:  “The New Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act for Junior Lawyers and Legal Support Staff,” March 2012; “Partnerships & Societies for Support Staff and Junior Lawyers,” April 2011; “Basic Corporate Procedures for Legal Support Staff and Junior Lawyers,” June 2010; “Advanced Tax-Driven Corporate Transactions,” April 2009; “Corporate Procedures for Legal Support Staff,” June 2008; “Advanced Corporate Procedures for Legal Support Staff and Lawyers,” June 2007.
  • Presenter and Co-Author, “3rd Corporate Transactions for Law Clerks Course,” Federated Press, 2011; “2nd Corporate Transactions for Law Clerks Course,” Federated Press, 2010.
  • Presenter and Co-Author, “E-Filing and Maintaining Corporate Records,” Pacific Legal Technology Conference, 2005; “E-Filing in the Corporate Registry, Pacific Legal Technology Conference, 2006.