William Dion-Bernard  


Executive Summary

William Dion-Bernard specializes in wealth management and taxation. His practice focuses on wealth protection and all aspects of real estate law, including the following:

    • marriage contracts;
    • wills;
    • protective mandates;
    • declarations of transmission;
    • non-contentious matters;
    • hypothecs and mortgages;
    • acquisitions and dispositions;
    • servitudes; and
    • title searches and correction of title defects.

After having worked at a notarial firm where he was involved in advising clients with regard to their legal needs and drafting deeds for the protection of their assets, William joined the legal department of a national title insurance company. There, he developed an expertise in real estate matters by participating in the development of products and processes to meet the needs of mortgage lenders in the Québec market.

Representative Work

  • Experienced in the areas of estate planning and the settlement of estates.
  • Expertise in making use of Québec civil law trusts and foreign trusts.
  • Has assisted wealthy individuals in structuring gifts of substantial assets, with regard to taxation.
  • Has advised the registered charities on the technical aspects with regards to tax matters and issues of communication with the various revenue departments.

Publications & Presentations