Judith Bélanger

Judith Bélanger  


Executive Summary

Judith Bélanger is the Director of Corporate Services Department in our Montréal office. She started her career as a paralegal in 1993 and joined our Firm in 2002. Judith's work is focused on mergers, acquisitions, corporate and tax reorganizations, as well as general corporate matters. She assists with commercial, corporate and tax transactions including mergers, asset purchases, share purchases, corporate and tax reorganizations, and financing. These responsibilities form an integral part of files which, in conjunction with the legal work, allow transactions to be closed. She also assists with: 

  • incorporation and organization of corporations;
  • due diligence reviews of corporations;
  • extra-provincial registrations of entities in all Canadian provinces and territories, including annual maintenance of such registrations;
  • partnerships and trusts (registration and annual maintenance);
  • incorporation, organization and annual maintenance of charitable and non-profit organizations (federal and provincial); and
  • various administrative duties related to her responsibilities as Director of the Corporate Services Department in the Montréal office.

Judith’s many years of practical experience have allowed her to gain extensive knowledge of federal, Québec and Ontario business law.