New book provides plain language roadmap to construction risk management

Toronto (February 12, 2013) — To help senior construction business people gain a practical understanding of the complexities of construction insurance, BLG Partners Bruce Reynolds and Sharon Vogel have written a plain-language book that demystifies the subject. A Guide to Canadian Construction Insurance Law, published by Carswell, is a comprehensive review of the many types of insurance needs and products for managing risk on Canadian construction projects.

“Construction projects are complex. Add to that insurance policies, construction contracts and the claims process, and it can be difficult to understand responsibilities and risks,” said Bruce Reynolds, co-author and chair of BLG’s International Construction Projects Group

A Guide to Canadian Construction Insurance Law explains in plain terms the structure and legal principles of an insurance policy, and outlines the various kinds of insurance policies commonly used on construction projects, how different insurance products work together, and how to choose the best available coverage for any project. The guide helps business people understand insurable and uninsurable risk and outlines how those risks are allocated in construction contracts and professional services agreements.

“The goal is to provide anyone involved in construction projects with insight that will help them understand the critical elements of their insurance policies,” said Sharon Vogel, co-author and regional leader of BLG’s International Construction Projects Group. “This will help to ensure businesses have a comprehensive risk management strategy, a solid understanding of the important cases that define construction insurance law, and the ability to effectively handle construction insurance claims.”

A Guide to Canadian Construction Insurance Law is available to order online at or by calling toll free: Call Toll-Free: 1.800.387.5164.

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