The BLG Aboriginal Law Group consists of a national team of lawyers from various legal disciplines, focused on providing services in all facets of Aboriginal law. BLG acts across Canada for Aboriginal businesses and advises industry on all Aboriginal law matters.

Our business and industry experience in the Aboriginal context includes the provision of advice with respect to the creation and management of business relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal entities. This work has included a broad suite of services including those related to: negotiation of joint ventures and similar arrangements involving Aboriginal entities and the negotiation of impact and benefit agreements related to relationships with First Nation, Métis, and Inuit communities. We are well equipped to provide practical legal advice on the respective roles and objectives of governments, industry and Aboriginal groups in relation to the development or expansion of land and natural resource development projects. Where they are required, our lawyers have extensive experience in litigation including that where there is a need to obtain injunctions and other legal remedies to deal with occupations and blockades.

We also have significant expertise advising resource development proponents, financial institutions, and governments in relation to the broad range of Aboriginal issues and in relation to all major industries in Canada.