When there are estate and family disputes, seemingly simple matters can quickly become complex and potentially more difficult to resolve. The legal rights and/or obligations of the parties, the nature and value of assets in issue, countervailing claims, personal issues, and a myriad of administrative and procedural details can together seem overwhelming.

The Family Law Group regularly represents individuals and parties in disputes ranging from single issues to more complex matters. Our Family Law Group offers legal assistance in custody, access, financial issues arising out of separation, income determination, and child and spousal support. We appear before all levels of court, including the Superior Court of Ontario and Ontario Court of Appeal. We negotiate, draft, and review all forms of domestic marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements and separation agreements.

With a deep understanding of your needs, BLG regularly represents clients' interests during stressful and difficult times. We have the requisite skills, understanding of your goals and the knowledge of the complexities involved, which allows us to negotiate a resolution on your behalf, or to litigate where necessary.

With around-the-clock access to experts in all areas of the law, including Estate, Tax and Wealth Management, the Family Law Group is committed to achieving the most successful and cost-effective solutions for our clients. You can look to BLG's Family Law Group for professionals at the forefront of the industry.

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